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Hoian Odyssey Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam

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    About Hoi An Odyssey Hotel

    Situated on the bank on the Thu Bon river, to be seen of natural confluence, the Hoi An Odyssey hotel is an extremely appropriate choice for all visitors far-away from home whose desire of peaceful feel. With the mixture between attractiveness of Vietnamese countryside region and also an up-to-date multifunctional building, we obviously not just direct our honorable guests to total satisfaction, but additionally open the window of incredible world heritage site based on our competence in hospitality such as stunning decorated and well-trained staff, nicely appointed rooms and substantial standard service. We, Hoian Odyssey Hotel always strive to reach your expectation as a core group of our policy.

    The hotel tastefully blends the serene Vietnamese countryside with unique design and modern amenities - all surrounded by the ancient beauty of Hoi An itself.

    Besides the river views, the hotel offers a glimpse into an authentic World Heritage village only across the banks, where in the 7th Century the Champa empire used Hoi An as a person its primary trading ports.

    The resort is just ten minutes walking distance from Hoi An's Old quarter. Here you will find ancient homes, places, bars, conventional tailors, fair trade stores chock-full authentic Viet arts and crafts, plus handicraft workshops that feature traditional Vietnamese embroidery, dancing and music.

    Exterior of the old Quarter you can discover serenity bathed in environmentally friendly, in the Vietnamese countryside featuring traditional village life, ancient destinations, the upper river and the ubiquitous rice paddies viewed from river boats, bicycle or motorbike.

    The hotel element superior dinning, bar and swimming pool program, while your bedroom attributes extra comfortable beds, custom furnishing designed particularly for the Hoi An Odyessy Hotel, and breathtaking views of both the river and the city.

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